How I recrd PAL VHS on a US #5005

Hello Folks
Thanks for the ideas about using my US #5005 to record PAL VHS tape from a
PAL VHS player. The solution I got was a Prolink PLAY TV MPEG2 TV PCI card
I got from for $30. It comes with a bundled APP called Power VCR which lets you switch from NTSC to PAL on the Fly in advanced systems settings button.
I connected the Composite Video OUT of the #5005 to the composite video input on the
Prolink. Then go into the #5005 setup and switch TV type to PAL, quickly change
Prolink Setting to PAL inside Power VCR and now you can monitor in PAL.

Make sure you use the guilder to format (erase) your RW disc in PAL mode on the #5005
then you can record pal VHS input and make your DVD as PAL which many cheap dvd players will play back fine.

The $30 Prolink card functions as a cheap Mulit standard TV on your PC.
It uses the BT878 Chip and there are also a number of LINUX apps that wotk with the BT chip too!

All the Best

A converter that would allow the PAL picture to be played on an NTSC television should also have made it possible for the US 5005 to record the material IN NTSC.

You shouldn’t have had to make PAL discs.