How i post message to PM...?

Hi…!! everyone! I’ve registered because of problem. So I’m asking you, because I’ve seen here many smart and good people to help me to understand this correctly. I am From USA Nice day is it today, but I have a question for all…In first , how i post message to PM…???Thank you very much!Mark. G…!!

In your user control panel, you can use the PM button.

Not much point PMing people you aren’t familiar with. All problems should be posted in the forum to maximise the exposure of people to the problem. You’ll get more answers that way.

And give your thread a decent title explaining what the issue is.

I agree with debro , you do need to PM the members just put on the table what problem you are having…

Hi Mark…please don’t post your message multiple times (crossposting), as it’s confusing and against forum rules.

Your thread in the News forum has been deleted, and this one will remain open. :wink:

Apparently you didn’t take this warning seriously, since you posted the same message again three hours after this warning. As a consequence, I decided that you have now 3 days to familiarize yourself with our rules…they are there for a reason.

Respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules.

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