How I made my NEC 3500AG a DVD-ROM

I decide to flash my working NEC 2.19 before 3 weeks with official 2.1A firmware. After I did that it worked fine just before but suddenly it crashed totaly a week after! It was complitely dead - it didnt recognize any media I tried CD or DVD, only I heard the noise of the motor accelerating and decreasing the rotation of the media in the drive. I reflashed the burner with 2.TG, it started working but I had problems with the burning of DVDs (Nec didnt want to burn CDs any more!)! Nero says the burning of DVD is succesiful but when I look the writen surface I found some circles who arent writen! I try to test the dvd medias with Transfer Rate test in Nero CD-DVD Speed, the drive reads the dvd media but when it comes the circle the Nero says a error and the media igoes to trash! Do u have any ideas how I can "ressurect" my lovely NEC if its possible?
The drive reads CDs and DVDs without problems yet…

The toüpic title is simply WRONG.

Test the burner in another computer.

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As Chef advised you, go ahead and test the NEC in another computer!

This issue could be related to anything – motherboard bios, chipset drivers, master/slave setting, firmware failure, poor media, burning application, or even Windows setup…
So you should do some further investigation of yours.

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Thanks for the answers!
I reflashed the burner with 2.19 official firmware, I didnt find any changes at its state. After this I flashed it with 2.TG and tryed to write some DVDs. I made 3 succesiful writes with Ricoh medias with CMC Magnetics, 2 at 8x and 1 at 12x! Nec doesn`t want to write any Ritek medias such Maxell, Traxdata, Ridata any more! I tryed CD Princo at 24x, NEC failed again.
I think to buy Benq 1640 next week.

the spin up and down indicates the drive is dead, at least to me it does. normally it means that the drive is unable to read and is changing speeds in a vain attempt to “see” what is on the disc

Before you toss the drive, try cleaning the laser lense.

After several reflashes with different firmwares (moded and official) the burner works normaly! I used 2.TG FAST + RPC 1! I made 4 perfect burns with Ricoh media wit CMC Manetics.
All the last recorded DVDs I tested with my new Benq 1640. The madias are useful! The medias I burned before (when I had trouble with the Nec) are damaged and Benq doesnt want to copy much of them! But my Nec reads them and copies them succesifuly every each of them! So Im happy owner of two working DVD burners now!
Thanks for the help!