How I live now crash



Got my How I live now Blu-ray today, GErman Version and DVDFab crash badly. Newest version. Tried with and without AnyDVD HD. Not a fresh Blu-ray.:a


BTW: Crash while open Blu-ray, shortly after Cinavia message.


How I Live Now

This a Magnolia Home Entertainment release 2013

Some insight on how this title was created by the Director


I scanned the article .
I didn’t see how the article relates to a crash of “GErman Version and DVDFab”.
I assume that means the German audio version or region of this Blu-ray.

AnyDVD HD isn’t supposed to be posted in the DVDFab / DVD Region+CSS Free sub-forum. Why would it be used with a DVDFab product anyway ?


Try reading how he made the movie and the manner in which he used to process this title . very seldom do you a producer to disclose there methods.

Some of these guy film with hand held Cams

but the read was informative no the less , and yes to be picky no it had nothing to do with the crash just how this title was made for BluRay which may have given some insight on the the issue.


I can be picky.
As long as the files on the blu-ray disc are not changed from the norm in some way .
I don’t see how they were filmed or digitally recorded with a digital camera make any difference.
Either the encryption of the video or the cinavia in the audio track should be the cause of any “crash”.
I usually find hand held camera sequences jerky & hard to watch.
If I start watching a movie done with more that a very limited amount of hand held I don’t watch the rest. Not much on a directors “poetic license” to get me to accept what is really a crappy job.


False positiv. Sorry for this. DVDFab made an update and do not say that a reboot is needed. After an reboot the disk works.

I just want to say that I am really confused that “How I live now, german version” is difficult to understand. According to AnyDVD HD, I am sorry, but fact is, DVDFab cannot copy many titles without an AnyDVD HD rip done before. We have sent DVDFab many times a support request about this but never got an answer.

To make it clear, before bad mouth will happen. We have to test all Cinavia Blu-ray titles with Cinavia. One test is to copy a DVDFab copy with CinEx HD Utility to make sure everything is working well or to fix issues.


I understand verbal parry.
The statement :

before bad mouth will happen

Is verbal parry. It makes any comment by someone else that is negative seem to be in the wrong.

When a disc is read (ripped) by AnyDVD HD it has been decrypted .
There is no reason to copy it with DVDFab . The reason is at that point any copy software that does what it is supposed to will work. That would include DVD-Ranger’s own copy software.
The only reason to use DVDFab would be to remove Audio tracks, subtitles, or unwanted video titles or compress. The decryption has already been done .
None of the above would remove Cinavia . Unless the Cinavia was only on a certain track & that track was removed.
Since I haven’t used DVD-Ranger copy software I have to assume from the DVD-Ranger website information. It will do all that DVDFab does if used on an AnyDVD HD read(rip). In other words what I posted as the only reason to use DVDFab after an AnyDVD HD read(rip).


Hi folks,

I’ve moved this thread here to the main Movie Copy Software forum as it’s discussing software other than DVDFab.



[QUOTE=Wombler;2737480]Hi folks,

I’ve moved this thread here to the main Movie Copy Software forum as it’s discussing software other than DVDFab.


Thanks Wombler ,
I pointed that out in post# 4.
From the original post on other software was posted.
Including by myself. I saw no way to address the posts & only discuss DVDFab. So the thread is now where it should have been from the start.