How i can put these files together into a burn-able movie

Hello, i have just started downloding movies and stuff.

I got this movie, its 133 files.

There are BUP, VOB, IFO, ADX, VDX, AC3 and MPV-files.

I want to know how i can put these together into a burn-able movie. Any help is much appreciated.


If that is copyrighted stuff then we cannot help you with.

Please re-read the forum rules.

1st. no support for that :cop:

2nd. spend a few minutes searching and browsing this forum and it should not be to hard to figure out the anwser yourself. :rolleyes:

Who said it was???

No one did. I just asked a kinda question.

WHY should a downloadable -even a free one- come in such a content?
As iso or image would be more logical, I think.

Some guides for you