How I burn Just *.ISO file?


I use the prog winISO to make a ISO from a CD I have.
the prog make only *.iso file, and not *.bin or *.cue file
that I can burn with CDRWIN.

how I burn this?


You can burn this with discjuggler or cdrwin, in cdrwin just pick record an 9660 image fourth box from the left an then not build and record but just record

I said it many times and I will say it again:
Use the search function!

This question (or at least very similar one) has been asked not even two days ago…you could have saved yourself the time and me some aggrevation… sigh

Read this topic:

And after that, please read this one:

Sorry for being such a nag…but it is you yourself who could have saved you some time, which is the most important in this respect…I would think