How I backed up NFSU in 3 steps

ok 5
buy blindwritte and install it
start blindwritte (v5) and read the cd to an image using the automatic setting
writte to my cdrw using the automatic setting
open plextools and enable to Hide cdr media.

start the game.


This is my first successful attemp ever to make a backup of a game.

I had a plextor 40x12x40 before but never really tried but with my premium and having hear of blindwritte and it being so easy I gave it a go.

I didnt even know blindwritte has NO settings. Thank god! cause I still dont know how to use clonecd and clony xxl

just cross around these forums here and you’ll see your backup is not “perfect” (that’s what many are going for - making not a “runs-only-on-my-computer-or-any-computer-with-emulation-backup”… :wink:
nfsu (german version, i guess coz of your name you have the german version… :wink: ) uses safedisc protection, so you have a good chance to back it up without autoplay / emulation…
go, read older threads in these forums here and see what you can learn from it…
hint: find the tweaker… :wink:
greetz from Cologne (Germany),

I have the UK version cause I live in the UK.

I dont know if it is a perfect backup. How do I test it?
whats emulation?
whats autoplay?

I tried reading the forums and post and some links from mods say “go here to read up on how to make backups etc” and all the thread is about the new version of firmware for the plextor and some people saying they can backup, never saying how.

Where is the thread which tells me teaches me stuff? links!?