How How to determine PAL or NTSC with ISO image

Is there a simple way test whether an iso image is encoded in PAL or NTSC besides burning the image on a DVD disc then have my stand alone player test it? I would rather do it quickly on my computer. Tks

GSpot can read ISOs.

Thanks. I just tried it and it works quite well . I have one iso clip that Gspot won’t display anything . However the movie plays with no problems with VideoLan.

Does’nt VLC give you a hint of what it is…

But does’nt VLC give you a hint of what it is encoded in???

If you play DVD on computer it does not care what format it is, only region has to match, unless you have region free hack or software taking care of that.
PAL or NTSC are only for TV ply back.

Unfortunately no because this one is a downloaded movie clip. I determined it was PAL using my universal DVD player. Gspot works for every other movie I have except this one.

BTW how to make Gspot work for .mkv files( x264 codec) ? Does version 2.7a have the appropriate codec? Do I need to download x264 codec? How to then attach it to Gspot?


@ sportflyer,
Use MediaInfo on mkv instead of Gspot…

Thanks . Works well.