How have I got on here?

I am in the forum on this pc but when I try to get in on my other pc I get the message ‘Invalid password you have 4 out of five attempts etc’ How have I got on here and I cant get on the other? Also I have posted one question previously and I’ve noticed on the menu that everybody elses question is in thick type, but mines in thin type. Why is this? I’me going to log off now dont know if I’ll be able to get back.

@ I’me Spartacus,

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By error you have double posted.

I have provided a response to your question in your other forum posting tiled ‘How the hell did I get here’ referenced below.

To avoid any confusion suggest that other Forum Members consider this particular Forum posting closed.

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He’s asking a different question.

I’me Spartacus
Your firewall or windows settings are blocking cookies from this site. That is why you can’t log in. Get someone to change your settings to allow cookies from this site. But not just to allow cookies from every site or you will soon loose control of your computer.

Don’t know about the font (type as you call it) thing. I’m reading your posts in the same font as the other posts. Click “refresh” and see if the font changes. Try changing the default font for windows(?)

Thanks Whisperer 1 I never thought of that. I knew I’de asked two different questions.Now I hope I can find the other one.

Sorry Whisperer I never thought before my last answer on the pc that I cant get in after giving my password I hav’ent got a firewall yet.

Then it is your windows settings that are blocking cookies from this domain if you have to log in to access every thread. No offence but you sound like you need help from someone who knows more about computers to set your “windows cookie exceptions”

You shouldn’t be out on the web without a firewall. It’s Wild, Wild West. You must have just come in on the stagecoach from back east. Banditos, hostile natives, hackers, spyware.

Have you at least got a gun?

Seriously dude, how about backing off on posting on all three of your theads and just post on the one that has you movie backup questions.

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You’re right I’me not very expierienced but I do know about virus’es worm and firewalls I have not installed a firewall yet because I am working on another problem which I think maybe caused by sp2, I will install one eventually I have three on this my main pc.How do I adjust windows settings.THANKS

I hope you don’t mean you are using three firewalls at the same time on one pc. That can really screw things up.