How hard do you have to press your eject button?

I just posted the article How hard do you have to press your eject button?.

Maybe you never thought about it when you press
the eject button of your disc drive. But for some people it’s not simply
pressing a button. An interesting thread arose on our forums…

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i think the real question is - how do you get the tray back into the drive some ppl push the tray and others push the button does pushing the drive (or how hard in pushing it) will skew the alignment of the gears and tray especially w/ ppl who mod their pc’s to have their dvd/cdrw drives “hidden” behind the original bay cover.

i wish there’s a robot that picks up the cd from the cd drive. i’m too lazy

Buttons are for wusses (well, and those that have to I guess), wish they’d just have a handle on them so I could rip it out whenever I wanted. I just hate waiting for the motor to do it’s work, I want it quickly in and out, and that’s it!

Well if you think about it the eject button is usually the hardest button on any device to push. Plus my DVD player takes forever to eject the disc after you push the thing. But whatever.

I open my drives with my mouse!!! Right click on the drive, eject, voila!! I assume he can handle a mouse.

indeed very intresting. a while ago i had a BVD-dvd rom drive and i had to get new firmware because under windows XP i would never open and close the right way. once it almost chopped of a finger because it would open and close so erratically :o