How Google's DCMA tactic helps, anti-piracy flaw

How Google’s DCMA tactic helps, anti-piracy flaw.


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You are SOOO right. Congrats and, honestly, you should take it as a feather in your Forum’s Cap that Microsoft wastes its resources tracking down useless Keyword Matches.

It’s not just Sledgehammer instead of FlySwatter - it’s the idiocy of those managers who approve this stuff, the vast sums of money wasted on the whole divisions of personnel doing it, and THEN we see them posting their “first ever quarterly loss”. Du-uh… frankly, we should be begging for Microsoft to keep doing this - they can’t sink faster if they won’t churn away in quicksand!

Meanwhile, Somalia pirates still swim around… if EVER there was a location begging for server-farms to be built and maintained by Mexican drug money! Not that Mexico Norte needs any off-shore re-locations… er, any ADDITIONAL off-shore relocations.