How good is WMP for burning?



I used it yesterday and it made a fine Audio CD.

What are your opinions on using windows media player to burn audio CDs?


if you like it and you are happy with the result…use it

of course there are programs with more options…like eac and feurio for cd burning, ripping and converting .

But perhaps you do not need al the options



Are you copying from an audio-cd or are you decoding e.g. mp3 files to wave ?


I mostly go from mp3 to audio. I don’t mean ripping. I use CD-MATE for that.

Yes, WMP doesn;t have a lot of options. Infact it has only 1, which speed you want to burn at. Luckily it has this option, because I never burn audio at 32x, only 16x.


The best possible way to convert mp3 to wave is the Winamp decoder 2.22 or the ACM codec from the Fraunhofer Institut, copyright 1996-1999 (l3codecx.acm or l3codeca.acm).

See for detailes.