How good is this media, especially for LiteOn drives?

Manufacturer : Mitsubishi
Code : 97m34s22f
Disc Type : CD-R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : Dye Type 2: Long Strategy (Cyanine, AZO)
Recording Speed : n/a
Capacity : 79:59.74
703 MB
Additional Capacity : n/a
Overburn Capacity : not tested

Check out the quality tests at the top of this media forum. Burn quality of course will also depend on the age of the media, rated speed, and burn speed. If you have a spindle of these, get CDSpeed and run some tests.
Mitsubishi is generally a good brand, but you didn’t mention what brand or speed this disc is.

Verbatim 32X

Should be fine, but you can check the thread. Most Verbatims are doing very well.