How good is this liteon?

How good is this liteon for use as a normal dvd player and rare\occational burning? I mean this player might be better compatible to all recorded dvd+r and\or dvd-r compared to a normal player by sony, etc.


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This might be of some use to you PRESS ME


Does anyone know what model of the liteon burner this unit 5005 has? Or does anyone know if the replaced unit shown here is better all around.


I bought the LVC-9016G it advertised multi-region playback capability on VHS and DVD. First the VHS multi-region did not work then the DVD mutli-region stopped working.

Any help anyone - Cheers

dja2k If you are looking at the Lite-On LVW-5115ghc+ I can only tell you that a friend of mine bought one in Nov. and loves it. I bought 3 for Christmas presents for my brother and my 2 kids. they all work fine. Just because it says Recertified don’t let that scare you. Its a good unit at a very low price. Its easy to use and if the burner goes just replace it with a lite on pc burner. Hope this helped you some.

Can you do that with an LVW-1101? Replace the drive? There’s lots of them at Wal-mart.

I don’t know about the 1101 because I only have 50058x & 5115ghc+ units. I would think you could though. Maybe someone else knows for sure.