How good is this Burn?



Quality score was 98%.


General Information
Drive: ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16
Firmware: G7P9
Selected speed: 4 X
PI errors
Maximum: 24
Average: 3.86
Total: 40084
PI failures
Maximum: 4
Average: 0.02
Total: 213
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 12.9 %
Average: 8.93 %
Scanning statistics
Elapsed time: 19:17
Number of samples: 17428
Average scanning interval: 8.19 ECC
Glitches removed: 0


It’s a very good burn, low PIF max 4 and a total of 213. You can be happy with the result. :iagree:


Thanks a lot…its was a fuji media code…so i didnt know what to expect


sfernan, I have a n00b question for you…

What utility and/or what exactly did you do to gather the above statistical information? I primarily use DVDShrink v3.2 which interfaces directly with Nero v6.6.0.5. I’ve never really messed around with Nero at all but I see all these fancy graphs and output (like you have above) and wondered how ya do it. Thanks.


spooks if you have nero cd-dvd speed (its usually under nero --> toolkit). Then once you are in it, click on “extra” on the top and “disc quality test” and i set my speed to what i used to burn the dvd. At the end you get a pop up of the info, use the copy button and paste here…


So what’s the question? :cool: :cool: “98%” requires analyzing? Just burn the $hit and don’t over-analyze the result…


Well, here is my “dumbass question” for the day:

Burn quality is better at slower speeds, like 4X, correct?
There are, obviously more burn errors at higher speeds.
So, that being the case, what is the point of a 16X DVD burner???
Wouldn’t it be better to have a slower one that produced more accurate burns???
I currently have an NEC 2510A 8X max burner, and was about to buy a Benq 1620, but what is the real point of having a burner that can do a full DVD in under 6 minutes, if the burn quality, on average is going to be poorer?

Would someone please explain this to me, and I am sorry if the answer to this is too basic for some.

Also, would an upgrade from the NEC to the Benq be truly worthwhile?

BTW, I have been enjoying this site and forums for years, and this is my first post, sorry if it is dumb.

Austin, TX


Well right now a lot of us are using 8x media and burning at 12x or 16x in some cases. 16x media will become more common soon, so we can use the full speed of our recorders without pushing the envelope so much. That’s one reason to upgrade, though not a compelling one for you since you already have a good quality burner.

There are other reasons to get the Benq—the ability to test your burns springs to mind. Booksetting is another. One of the reasons I bought the 1620 was to someday, in the far, far future, burn reasonably priced dual layer disks.

Just depends what you want to do with your drive, and how much extra money you have available to spend on such equipment. I upgraded from an NEC 1300a, so you are in a better position than I was. If I were in your shoes, I might wait till the HD-DVD vs Blue Ray fight comes to some sort of conclusion.

Welcome and congratulations on jumping in with your first post!


Yes, thanks!
I notice that a lot of you are using CD Speed, but what version?
And, why are you not using DVD Speed instead?

Austin, TX



I’m using 4x media myself and finding it burns equally as well or BETTER at 8x then it does at 4x. The only 8x media I have in my possession is 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD+R’s… other than that I have 4x DVD+R Intenso’s which are OptodiscOR4 and they burn well at 8x, 4x Philips DVD+R’s which are CMC Mag F01’s which also overspeed to 8x well, and RicohJPNR01 branded as Ridata 4x DVD+R’s… these will overburn to 12x speed but prefer to keep them at 8x.

In most cases slower is better, some cheap 4x media can’t be overspeeded but if it’s fairly good grade 4x media they overspeed quite well and I don’t see a point to keeping them at 4x. :wink:


Unfortunately Andrew this is not always true. With the BenQ1620 my experience has been that burns at 8X or 12X are usually better than at 4X or 2.4X. My understanding is that the firmware on any given writer is set to operate most efficiently within a certain range. If you use good quality media
you should have no problems burning at 8X or 12X.


So, what are the chances of getting a good burn at 16X with good media?

Austin, TX


For 16x burns Check out:
Some of them are excellent, especially with the newest 16x media.
I think most of us on this forum probably burn at 8x and 12x with the media we find here in the US. The time gains for 16x are “minimal” and most would prefer better quality rather than saving seconds.


Well, my initial question was that I have currently an NEC 2510A, that seems to burn perfectly at 8X with 4X Fuji and 8X SONY DVD-R (sorry, forgot which manufacturer) and wondered what the good reasons, if any, would be for changing to the Benq drive??

Kerry56 said the ability to check burn quality, so, are your saying that CD Speed will not work at all with the NEC 2510A ???

Any other real reasons to change drives? Currently, I burn a full disk in 9 minutes +/- a few seconds at 8X.

Austin, TX


Kerry56 said the ability to check burn quality, so, are your saying that CD Speed will not work at all with the NEC 2510A ???

Any other real reasons to change drives? Currently, I burn a full disk in 9 minutes +/- a few seconds at 8X.


You can run most of the CD speed tests with an NEC but not the Disk Quality test. It is useful to test disks to check PI errors, PI failures, Jitter. Unless Drives are expensive where you are I think it makes sense to have both a BenQ and an NEC - allows you to use the drive which gives you the best results with each type of media