How good is the support for blindwrite files?

My blindwrite install is causing problems, so i was wondering how well alcohol burns bwi/bwt images. Any recommended settings to mirror a native blindwrite burn as closely as possible?

lol, ok,
you cannot install blindwrite but you want alcohol to burn the blindwrite images… how do you make them??? :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

but to your question: alcohol can burn those images, but if you try to copy a securom protected cd alcohol cannot burn it the way, blindwrite would do…
blindwrite=autoplay (or plextor premium, then “perfect” without need of emulation)
alcohol=rmps (always emulation, independend from your hardware)
hope, this could help a little,

Just to clear it up- I had problems after updating to bw5 from bw4 - I would never ever think of burning image files that weren’t mine;)

And a bit of a noob question- what do you mean about the plextor drives being able to burn without emulation? Are they the only drives that can do this and what about them is special? I would hate to give my brand new liteon 851 an inferiority complex.

just go to the blindwrite section here in this forum and keep your eyes open…
at the moment only the plextor premium is able to burn securom new copy protection with the right software (bw 4.5.7 and bw5 (with the tweaker)) WITH REAL PHYSICAL DATA - so that autoplay or twinpeak technique is not used / needed…
go for yourself and read a little bit - you will find all answers here… :wink:

ps: of course your litey is not bad, but in this case, the plex premium is unbeaten…