How good is the Sony AW-G170A B2?



I bought a Sony AW-G170A B2 18x DVD burner recently before i discovered this site. Upon finding this site i have read there are a lot of very good burners that i could have bought. I’m willing to stick with my Sony, but I’m wondering how good it is compared to the other burners that are really good. I’m not a really technical guy, but i’ve heard of burners being good at scanning and doing tests. Is this Sony i have good at those things? I generally use my burner to burn data discs and video using quality media, and i’m wondering if my burner can burn with minimal errors eg. low amounts of PIF/PO errors(don’t exactly know what they are). How is my burner compared to a LiteOn LH-18A1P(or similar), because i have this PC magazine that says it is an excellent and reliable burner. Sorry about all these questions but I just want to know if my money i spent on the Sony AW-G170A B2 was worth it. Thanks


See Dee-27’s CDFreaks review:


thanks. does anyone have any personal opinions?