How good is the LTD-165H for quality scanning?



This has probably been asked (and answered) a few million times by now, but I’m new to quality scans, and I’m a bit puzzled. I’ve read that only DVD writers are reliable for performing Nero’s CD-DVD Speed Disk Quality Test scans, however the LTD-165H (which is only a reader, NOT a writer) is in the list of drives which work for the Quality Test scans. Am I missing something?

Also, I’ve read that the scans from some drives are more reliable (giving more reproduceable results) than others. If indeed the LTD-165H is an appropriate drive for performing Quality Test scans, how does it rate for reliability?

I’m planning to purchase a new 16X drive soon, and if the LTD-165H is good for doing Quality Test scans, I won’t need to consider whether the new drive will need that capability as well.

Thanks in advance for your advice and insights.


yes, you can scan with a dvd-rom. but do not rely on the results, they may vary a lot.
dvd-writers are the better scanners.


I appreciate your response chok0. Sounds like I should include the capability for performing quality scans for considering a new drive.