How good is the Liteon SOHW-1693

I’m thinking about purchasing this burner.How is it? I want it to make dvd backups and not make too many coasters.the one im thinking of getting is a retail package.if there is something better let me know…thanks.

I own 1693s and have a chance to try 1635s for a while.

From my experience 1693s is still a little better than 1635 interm of writing quality.

It(1693) is very good reader but mediocre burner, if you have to get Lite-On, I think it’s better to get 1693 over 1635.

But my recommendation is BenQ, now 1640 is really cheap and it’s reading capability is as good as 1693s but writing quality is better than 1693s.

get the benq 1655! it’s good out of the box except with dual layer. it’s got lightscribe, quality scanning, solid burn, wopc, and it’s in stock on internet shops while the 1640 is impossible to find new. next firmware update should fix the dual layer problem of writing @2.4x only. i forgot to mention it’s a pretty quick reader too if you don’t have a dvdrom for that.

Not all BenQ 1640 are good readers or writers! I still find my 1693S can read disks the BenQ 1640 chokes on and freezes. And been getting better burns with the 1693S If you don’t want a Lite-On shoud think about the Pioneer 110 or 110D

Except when they are dead out of the box! Have a look in the BenQ forum And Yet Another Dead BenQ

I own a 1673@1693 and a 1693 and they both born great, consistently giving me burns
with PIFS under 200 with 2 or less peaks. I only burn with TY TO2’s and I use 8x burn
speed and so far my backups have played in everything. My Benq 1620 is a faster ripper
but there are discs that it will not rip that the 1693’s have no problems with. I also owned 2 1635s and I would not buy them again due to quality issues. I would buy a 1693, before they end up like the Benq 1640, unable to be found anywhere.

The 1693s is a all-around good burner!!! It is able to give you good (but not exeptionnal) burns and reads quality for all types of medias (CDs and DVDs).
Although it is a good burner, the difference is huge compare to BenQ/philips in termes of DVD burn quality. When I burn a movie with my Benq or my philips, my standalone reads it without making any noise. When I burn a movie with my 1693S my standalone always makes a noise (motor-like noise) when reading it. But it still reads it without any problems though. I think this is because of the high jitter issue of the 3S serie.

That’s just a sign of a happy standalone! It’s so happy reading the media its HUUUUMMING along :iagree:

Which firmware do you have on your 1673@1693, and what software do you use to burn? I also have 1673@1693 with KS0B, and I get over 300 PIFs with it with TY T02. I crossflashed with KC4B, but I get worse results with it so I went back to KS0B.

Actually I run it with KSOA, it seems to do best for PIFs with that firmware. I burn the Sony +R TO2’s and they seem to burn much better than the Fuji ones I used to burn. The multicolor tower +R Fuji’s in the 30 packs from Staples burn quite well as well but I have not seen those for a while. I burn with ImgBurn and sometimes Nero if I need File mode.

I had a Benq 1640, LG4163 and Liteon 1693. All media used is tyg01 or tyg02. I have not done any overspeeding. All were burnt at stock speed.

Let me say my 1640 is a POS. Out of a 100 spindle, I must have 30 coasters!

Thanks. I just noticed the KSOA on your sig :slight_smile: I used DVDDecrypter for almost a year now, but since it’s no longer supported, I noticed the quality of the burns have deteriorated. I know ImgBurn is the successor to DVDDecrypter, but I haven’t tried it yet. But I will try to crossflash with KS0A to see if I get better results.

I would seriously suggest that you get both a BenQ1640 and a Liteon 1693S.
Burn with the BenQ, scan with the Liteon and rip mostly with the Liteon.