How good is the BenQ in burning CDs and is a C1 check possible?


I was just wondering if the BenQ 1640 is a suitable CD writer as well, and if it can do C1 or at lest C2 check on CD-R media.

Thanks for any input, do you have some graphs from CDSpeed or KProbe for me?



The DW1640 is a very good CD-Writer. But it doesn’t support C1/C2 error checking.

Here are some quality examples from the DW1640.

i can get C1 and C2 error scanning on 1640. Don;t know about accuracy, but jitter is also reported.

CD-RW performance is poor - especially ultraspeed media, CD-R performance is variable. I have been having many write errors with the drive, not my recommendation to use CD yet. How did you get MOSER BAER working, mine are write erroring every minute.

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See these not the best but my SKC don’t like going above 32x despite their 52x rating

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Don’t you mean doesn’t support C2 error checking as your scan shows C1 if I’m not mistaken

zebadee … i said it supported c1 and c2 … i know the feature id of the drive says it doesnt but when i use cdspeed i can see c2 errors on bad discs, so i think it supports c2 as well in a way.

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Not wishing to be pedantic but what program are you using to get C1/C2 error scanning on a BenQ 1640 that as far as I’m aware does not support C2 error scanning I mention this so as not to mislead anyone

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You’re answering a question I put to OC-Freak However my post to you stands if you care to look at scans I’ve posted above using latest CDSpeed you’ll see C2 errors don’t register

I’m confused now, does it support C1/C2, or is it just reporting bugus data?




My limited experience with C2 errors are, if you see any, it’s a bad disk.

BTW: I can’t wait to get my hands on a 1640. :slight_smile:

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Exactly what I wanted to aviod If you look at OC-Freaks printout you’ll see C1 errors listed C2 errors blank
If you then look at my CDSpeed you’ll see the same C1 errors listed C2 errors blank
BenQ claim 1640 reads C1 only
Take a look here

Maybe rephrase it:

DW1640 doesn’t support reporting C2 errors and is thus not a good choice for scanning in my opinion. I still prefer my good old trusty Lite-On CD-RW for scanning for C1/C2 errors.

BenQ is good for DVD-Scanning though.

I had C2 errors on my disc, few of them - but only on a severely bad disc, so maybe it’s bogus data, but it does report C2 for me … when it’s real ugly

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the ability to report C2 errors with BenQ drives.

Basically there are two ways of reporting C2 errors:

  1. the standard MMC method which can be used in conjunction with audio CD ripping. BenQ DVD burners do not support this method.
    This is the method which InfoTool reports.

  2. a vendor-specific method which can only be used for disc quality testing.
    This method is supported by BenQ drives so the results from the Disc Quality test are correct.

Here is some evidence: :slight_smile:

Thx for the info Erik

I threw in an old Memorex CD-R I have that doesnt work in most of my drives not even my 1620/3500 can read it properly, but I was able to scan it with the 1640 & sure enough C2 errors were reported;

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I still don’t follow (sorry) :doh: If you look at my earlier scan using Nero CDSpeed 4.01 I don’t get C2 errors reported from the data cd created by Nero
I’ve even tried earlier versions of Nero Info tools

Well, open your eyes and check the write speed graph again. Average speed is 35x, max speed is 48x. Seams like you did only look at the end speed.

Thanks for your obs
But I said that the SKC coated Infiniti 52x Rated discs don’t like going above 32x not that they wouldn’t
Perhaps I should phrase it differently My point was that quality was not so hot unless restricting speed to 32x

does anyone elses benq 1640 make funny noises when reading CD’s? the sound isnt awfully loud, but it doesnt make these sounds reading DVD’s. its kind of a rattling sound i guess. DVD performance is perfect though (reading and writing).

The benq drives DO NOT correctly read C2 error information.

They will return C2 errors when the data is unreadable, but they will not return C2 errors when the data is readable.

To test this, you can draw a thin line on the data side of a test CD-R, straight from the inside of the disk to the outside of the disk. The disk should remain readable, but it will have a LOT of C2 errors. A good C2 scanner like the liteon CD-RW drives will show very high C2 error rates, but the benq drive won’t detect any at all.