How good is Ricohjpnr discs on NEC 3500A

Hi Everyone! I just ordered 100 discs of Ridata +R 4x discs from Newegg. When I checked for the manufacturer using DVDinfo Pro, it says the discs are from RICoHJPNR. How would you rate the quality of these discs on NEC 3500 AG (Scale of 1 to 10) and also what is the maximum speed you guys have been able to write on these discs without any coasters? and finally are they better than Ritek or the same. Thanks

Ricohjpnr01 is and was verry good (scale 9.9) :iagree:
to speed up to max speed at 12x , you need the FW from Quickee2 or Liggy & Dee-27 :smiley: :smiley:

They burn very good on a 3500 all media with RICOHJPNR works great