How good is Pioneer's 111D Reliability with TY & Verbatim quality DVD+Rs?

So I’ve read various reviews, and done quite a good amount of research on this matter, since I want to replace my old 2004 LiteOn 1673S with a newer, better DVD Burner. After reading a few topics about many of the pros and cons of different drives, I thought it was perhaps better to guide myself with what I’m looking for the most.

So far, I’ve read great things about the Pioneer DVR-111D, BenQ 1650, and PX-750. Without doubt, I know the PX would perform very nicely, but the price is somewhat a little too high for me.

I’ve read that the BenQ 1650 is still a better choice than the Pioneer 111D mainly because it has a few more features than the 111D. The only problem I’m seeing is that since BenQ has stopped making DVD Burners, which will makes it quite hard to find, and I’ve never owned a BenQ before so I’m not sure what to expect.

I’m left with my only other option… the 111D, I checked the wonderfully detailed review for this drive, here in CDFreaks and I really didn’t see problems at all. They’ve been in the market for a good amount of time, and without doubt also have a great costumer service from my experience.

I mainly want a new DVD Burner for a few reasons…
My older LiteOn apparently didn’t get strong ratings, most of them were ‘good’ but nothing that would make it an astonishing drive, and after using CD-Speed to check various of my DVDs most turned out to have below a 50 rating, even Verbatim MCC004 ones, and they’re not even 5 months old!

Secondly, I hear LiteOn has been making poor drives more recently and are loosing ground in the competition. It has never given me problems, but from what Ive read, they are problematic DVD Burners.

I want a good DVD Burner that can score me higher with CD-Speed (Sounds ignorant, but those 50s on CD-Speed really are getting me paranoid)

And here are my questions…

  1. How well does the Pioneer 111D do with TY & Verbatim media? Which is all I plan on using from now on.

  2. Is the 111D much worse than the BenQ 1650 or are both of them almost on par with each other?

  3. Is there any difference in quality and such from a 8x TY compared to a 16x TY? Is it just the speed that is different? (I’ve always been confused on that matter)

Thanks in advance guys, and I’m terribly sorry for my long posts… I tend to make them long :doh:

I’ve recently acquired a Pioneer 111D and am very happy with it so far. The first thing I did was go through the process of crossflashing the drive to a 111L. My main purpose was to get automatic bitsetting for single layer +R disks, which the 111D did not have. The BenQ’s have this with stock firmware.

Like you, the only media I use these days are TY +R 8x and 16x Verbatim +R. I have scanned a few disks, and all have been good quality burns, so I’ve been pleased with it. I go by transfer rate tests as much as anything though. I rarely do quality tests.

My other main drive is a BenQ 1620. Those drives were hit or miss in longevity, but I happened to get a good one. It still burns dvds extremely well, and is the drive I use for quality test scanning since I don’t have anything else that works well in that regard. The Pioneer is not a particularly good scanner in the Nero CD/DVD Speed quality test.

By the way, my 1620 can match the 111L in quality burns according to Nero, but you have to take that with a grain of salt, since scans of disks burned in other drives may not be consistent in a BenQ.

I don’t see much difference between my TY burns and Verbatims. I always burn at 8x anyway, so the speed advantage of the Verbatim disks is lost on me. You can burn the TY’s faster if you wish, but I don’t see the point. You gain so little time.

The only other thing you might want to consider is that Pioneer is just now coming out with the 112 models.

Basically ANY new 16x+ burner will handle 8-16x TY and MCC media well. Yes some a little bit better than others, but you’d have a hard time getting truly poor results with this media in about any current burner. BTW, why do you know ‘without doubt’ that the Plextor will perform very well, by price? Plextor makes ok drives but they are generally way overpriced when you consider that many burners at 1/3 of their price often outperform them. Anyway, I just wanted to point out not to assume that it’s a better drive based on price alone, some of the best early burners were NECs, also about the cheapest at the time, and more recently some of the best burners have been Benqs, also some of the cheapest models sold.

Back to the question of the media you mentioned, you should get good results with Pioneer, Benq, Liteon, Plextor, Samsung, LG, … If you want to get into really discriminating the results, I agree that a Benq 1640/1650/1655 or Pioneer 111D are both good choices, I like that they burn with a bit lower jitter than some burners.

BTW, if I recall correctly, you’ve brought up a similar subject more than once before. The answers remain about the same, just buy a burner already :wink: Everyone will have their personal favorites for burners, but both the Benq and Pioneer are both well liked so either would be fine - the Benq adds better testing abilities but you have a Liteon that could perform tests, while the Pioneer can support DVD-RAM with crossflashing the firmware.

Thanks guys! I apologize for making a almost identical thread to my last one. I just found it really hard to decide until now. Wanted to get a few more opinions before I made my decision. I’m definately getting a 111D now since its not only cheap, but very popular with everyone.

I didn’t even know the 112D had been released just a few days ago :eek: , I’m too anxious on getting a new DVD Burner and since the 111D is already really famous, I guess I’ll just buy this one.

I’ll have to look into DVD-RAM since I’ve honestly never heard about it until recently.

  1. So there isn’t any difference from a 16x DVD compared to an 8x one other than burning speed? ( I burn usually at 4x anyways )

  2. Is it really true that you achieve better results burning at half the maximum speed? (DVD Burning at 8x instead of 16x… and DVDs that are 8x burn at 4x)

  3. I’ve heard a lot of talk about flashing the DVD Drive. I feel stupid for asking this…

But is it better to just update my firmware to the latest 111D firmware version? Or crossflash with the 111L firmware? I’m mainly thinking of using the Pioneer 111D with Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL, and TY 8x DVD+R media only. If the firmware makes the media compability better & improves writability then great!

  1. Do media IDs matter at all? I’ve read a little on how different media IDs, although basically the same can have different results… Such as TYG03 ID which I’ve seen the most, while the YUDEN000T02 is the least I’ve seen not sure if there are any differences other than ‘IDs’… Do I have anything to worry about?.. Any preferred Media ID for any reason?

  2. I was planning on buying the “Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 4.7GB, 8X, White Inkjet ( Hub Printable), 100-Pack” from to use with the Epson RX580, but before I did, I was wondering if DVD Players have any problems reading printed DVDs or loose any reliability in the long run… since I used to use (CD Stomper) to put CD Labels on my DVDs and later on read that it really put pressure on the laser.

Thanks once again! I’m terribly sorry for so many newbie posts… I’m almost embarrassed :doh:

With 16x media, you will usually get the best results at 8x to 12x - don’t burn at 4x, it will usually give you worse results with 16x media. And yes, 8x media generally will burn best at or near its rated speed as well, 4/6/8x. The 8.29 111L firmware has the same write strategies as 1.29 111D firmware, so write quality will not change. However, 8.29/111L will also add support to read and write support for DVD-RAM media, as well as bitsetting of +R media (which improves compatibility with standalone players), and Labelflash (which is mostly a gimmick and requires a specific version of Nero to even use). I would suggest following instructions on here and crossflashing to 8.29, it’s easy and will help your results.

Regarding specific media codes, what’s good, what’s bad, what works well at what speeds, etc. that is a literally endless discussion. Realistically, if you can get Verbatim media for a good price then it’s about as good a choice as any in getting good results and media with good stability (both +R and -R), and follow the general idea of 8-12x for 16x media, 4-8x with 8x media (almost any decent 8x media will burn very well at 8x). Some people absolutely rave on and on about TY and yes it is very good media, but Verbatim generally is as well, and actually has some potential [I]slight[/I] advantages such as better reflectivity and stability characteristics tend to be better, although all in all TY is still very good.

Printing on printable discs does not cause problems with discs as far as I’m aware, certainly not an issue like labels are.

Thank you Scoobie! Perfect explanation about why 111L is better, I just felt I had to say thanks! It really cleared a whole lot of confusions for me. :bow: I’ll definitely flash it to that once I receive my drive.