How good is Panasonic DVD-RAM media?

I want to buy some re-writable media for daily and weekly backup of important data. By most accounts DVD-RAM is far more reliable than DVD + or -RW. I can get 15-packs of Panasonic 4.7GB 3x DVD-RAM media for $20+shipping. How good is this stuff, and is it worth spending more to get something that might possibly be better? The best prices I’ve found for 4.7GB Maxell or Verbatim DVD-RAM media are ~$3 a disk.

Any input you can offer on this subject will be most appreciated.


The Panasonic stuff’s been good enough for me for the last couple of years. Only bought one pack, and that’s the pack I still use now.

And yeah, I’d much rather use it than + or -RW :slight_smile:

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Anytime :slight_smile:

As a sidenote, I wouldn’t mind trying the Verbies or Maxells - but all I can find here is Panasonic, the same ones you listed. :slight_smile:

Verbatim DVD-RAM is Panasonic too, so the Panasonic Panasonic DVD-RAMs may be better or at least equally good for less money.

Their DVD-RAM disks seem fine, though not sure they are worth the cost over standard DVD media.

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“Panasonic Panasonic DVD-RAMs” :bigsmile:

I know what you mean, I just thought it sounded funny :wink:

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For archival backups I agree; top quality DVD-R or DVD+R are probably more cost effective. But compared to + and -RWs for incremental backups where rewritable media is required, I’m not so sure.


I’d trust DVD-RAM over +/-RW media. And you can use them for incremental backups using only the DVD-RAM driver (or Exploder if you want to stick to FAT32), rather than needing some crap like InCD :Z


Panasonic 3x RAM is going to be Hitachi-Maxell made. 5x will be Panasonic made.

Fuji 3x is also Maxell made.

Panasonic DVD-RAM works fine for me

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As long as the DVD-RAM is MIJ you should have no problems. Maxell and Panasonic are both very good brands. Panasonic sells Maxell and homemade (Panasonic made) RAMs under their brand name.

I still think that using DVD-RW will provide the most hassle-free compatibility, since it creates a very standard, compliant VIDEO_TS folder setup, which can be opened by DVD Shrink and other free apps.

I do understand some of the benefits of DVD-RAM, I am just not sure the tradeoff in compatibility is worth it for most people, unless you have Ulead DVD MovieFactory. If I was working with free tools only, I’d be all about DVD-RW.

For data backup there’s no contest though, DVD-RAM wins that battle. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s my only plans for the media.

BTW, the Panasonic 3x discs I ordered from their site are M01J3003 and the 5x discs are M01J5006. And for what it’s worth, the 5x discs scanned better than the 3x discs using a Liteon to do PIE/PIF tests, although all discs I tested scanned very well (including a 3x disc that I wrote/erased/rewrote to about a dozen times to check what differences there might be vs. a fresh burn). Burn quality with the 3x discs was very similar between a Pioneer 111, Liteon 165P6S, and 2 Benq 1670s. I know that these tests are less relevant with DVD-RAM media because of the way that they function, but I thought I’d mention it.

Hey, it’s all about what works best for you. :slight_smile: