How good is CopyToDVD For Data?

Hey guys How good is CopyToDVD For Data ?.
Currently i am using nero 7 but i like convertxtodvd for my movies etc so was curious how is this for data ??

Works nicely for Data.

Flawless for data and audio.

hows it compare to say nero 7 ?


I installed Nero 7 (DEMO) once, and I tought I was heavy on the PC, takes lots of resources.

Yes, it’s totaly different, and you may not like it at 1st, because you are used to the Nero way of doing things.

I used both for a while (Nero 5 / Nero 6 & VSO CopyToDVD).

Since CopyToDVD v4.0x came out, I haven’t touched Nero since !