How good is AVG 6.0?



i am using AVG 6 with latest update.

does it detect the new virus that came out this week ??

blaster, sobig…and all tht ??

is my pc safe ?


avg is good … i dont mind it …but I have used nortons 2003 and like it …and also panda antivirus …

i am currently using panda antivirus and it does real well …it has caught all the new virus …

i know other people will say different on this comment

i have a virus … on pc and I scanned with nortons 2003 with latest file definitions and nortons didnt even know it was there. …

i scanned with panda antivirus and it found it right away … so that is why I switch …and i am not only one that had this problem … some of my friends scanned with nortons on there pc nad then scan with panda antivirus and found virus …but i know everyone has preference and i know alot of people that have used nortons 2003 no prob

i do reccommend for corporations or home networking … that is on lan with connection all the time nortons antivirus corporate edition 8 … …it does a great job and no virus has ever went threw it …I have set that up many places of business …just nortons 2003 didnt pass my test …


p.s. i stopped using avg cause i wanted something more reliable …and definitions came out quicker …and panda they come out real quick … also avg last time i use it doesnt scan email that well or any messenger service …


downloaded panda antivirus & updated it.

it shows 2 infected files on my system.

Suspicious file :


while avg doesnt show any infected files :rolleyes:

is my system infected ???

or is divx program a spyware ??

:Z :Z :Z :Z


well panda does not detect spyware …what does it say it is infected with …i trust panda …


i would say your infected cause panda dont lie …


it may flag it as suspicious for being in the system directory. i’d investigate further before i drew any conclusions.

im not sure if it was norton, but some antivirus company updates definitions for its highest priced products first, and lets them trickle down over time.


east or west AVG 6 is da best

AVG 7 is a boltware.


Yeah for a free av AVG 6 kicks ass. It’s not pretty but it does it’s job :slight_smile:


and does it well, I dont trust any other virus scanner, only AVG