How good is a DW1650?

I don’t need anything new, just a good and reliable DVD burner and there are just a few choices in this market.

How about the Benq WD1650?


Its one fo the best burners, but hard to find!

Absolutely agree with what ExpertTech has posted

Go for it. There are faster and newer DVD burners in the market but none like the quality of the BenQ DW1650/1640.

Totally agree with the other posts , I like my 2 1650s very much.

Here in the states, the 1650/1655 are virtually non-existent. I love my 1640 and would love to have a 1650 or 1655 as a replacement once my 1640 dies…praying that it won’t but after over 1k burns and 1k rips, I fear the end might soon be near.

have a look at this very long thread about finding benq drives , theres various rebadged benq drives , if you can find one in your area you can crossflash it with benq firmware and it will work just as good as an original benq :smiley:

Even better than my 1640’s, and that’s saying something. They tend to handle crappy MCC-004 MUCH better than the 1640. In just about every other respect they are the 1640’s equal. I wish I had a few more.

What? Looking at your sig, you already own 9 1640/1650… isn’t that more than enough? :eek: :slight_smile:

wow!! 9 Nexperia drive…

I have 13 Nexperia drives! :bigsmile: :slight_smile:

You guys are crazy! :bigsmile:

No wonder that BenQ 1640/1650 are so hard to find nowadays! All stocks went to their home. :bigsmile:

BTW, after I persuade my co-worker successful, I’ve cross flashed the CompUSA HP 640c drive to BenQ 1625 RPC1 firmware. It’s running smooth. So, I guess I can say that HP640c is a rebadged BenQ 1625 now. :wink:

That’s why we’re Cdfreaks! :bigsmile:

The 1650 is a great SL DVD-/+R burner, probably the best, together with the Pioneer 112D and Plextor PX-760. That is, if you burn up to @12X, as at higher speeds other (more recent) burners have an edge.

Not a fantastic CDR burner but good nevertheless.

Now the problem is the firmware versions… they really didn’t do things properly with the 1650/55, there are many quirks with all “upgraded” versions, like improper OPC operation for some MIDs (notably CMCMAG E01), some other MIDs like MCC004 switching to slower speeds for no apparent reasons, whatever… :rolleyes: so peace-of-mind lies in the exclusive use of the original release firmware: BCDC. You can get slightly better burning quality in some instances with BCFC/BCIC/BCHC, but the quirks can show up anytime, and get annoying unless you use exclusively TY media. I’m using BCDC all the way and never have a single burning issue. :cool:

I have a retail 1640 and an OEM 1640. I also have an OEM 1650.

Out of the 3 of them the retail 1640 gives the most consistant results.

IMO, BenQ drives are not all created equal. I finally concluded long ago (for peace of mind) that my 1650 is a mediocre representation of the model because I’ve never been able to get the same sort of results with it that others on the forums do.

My 1650 even refuses to rip damaged discs the other two drives can read, so it’s reading abilities are down on the 1640 despite being essentialy identical drives. :confused:

Nowadays, I use my LiteOn drives more (particularly 18x burner) because I finally have a drive that burns MCC004 acceptably, if not very well at 16x.

The BenQ drives are still fanatstic drives (if you get a good one) and I wouldn’t part with any of mine despite having a particular favourite.

This is not unique to BenQ, it is a problem which afflicts virtually [B]all[/B] modern drives IMO. It is not just modern media that suffers from inconsistency of quality :wink:

For sure. :iagree: Just wish odds/luck had of been playing a little more in my favour.

Ok, I got is a good drive!!
There is a thing I noticed though and I wanted to ask your expert opinions:
In the upper left side, in English it says “MODEL: DW1650” but in the lower right, in Chinese (or something like chinese) it says DW1655.
Also it says manufactured march 2006 (isn’t it too old?)
They offered me a newer Benq (manufactured in october 2006, black, nicer from the outside) the DW1800 that writes at 18X for the same price… Is the 1650 or 1655 still the choice?

Every BenQ drive after the 1655 is a LiteOn, as LiteOn bought BenQ some time ago. The new drives have MediaTek chipset and nothing in common with the “older” BenQ drives.
So go for the 1650/1655 - you will be happy! :iagree: