How good are these Verbatims in a 3500?

Hey all,

Just checking out deals for some good quality +Rs and saw this link in the bargain basement forum:

Anyone have any input on how fast these would burn in a stock 3500? Seems like verbatim is top quality right?

Thanks for the help! :bow:

The Verbatim (MCC) can vary a lot from one batch to the next. I personally wouldn’t classify MCC as “top quality”, but the 3500 should handle them very well in any case. I prefer to spend the extra $.10 per disc and get TY on sale.


I have the Verbatim 8x in both -R and +R and the -R seem to give the best burns and scan like TY 8x -R’s


Where are the TY on sale? 8x or 16x capable with the 3500? Thanks again!

Usually at Best Buy, under 8X DVD+R MADE IN JAPAN (very important) Fuji. Look for MIJ on the box.

i have had pretty good luck with mcc003 although i may have a local option for you for 16 x media here and as a bonus it is about the same price but no need for a rebate. MCC can be made by prodisc (good) or cmc (average) so between the two there may be variability.
here is how to tell the difference… of course that is after you own them :frowning:

Here are 2 verby burns of mcc003 (what you are looking at) burned in a 3500 with LD1.4fast @ 12x: