How good are these tests?

Hey I’m wondering what these tests mean. I used the same burner with 2 kinds of media…

Test 1 with media A
Pi Average: 4.22
Pi Max: 17
Pi Total: 18829
Jitter max 10.9%, average 9.30%
Quality Score 99%

Test 2 with Media B
Pi average: 1.09
Pi Max: 9
Pi Total 4868
Failure: none
Jitter avg. 7.73%, max 9.1%
Quality Score 100%

Can someone give me a quick recap of both these test scores? Maybe rate each media from 1-10 so I can know which is the best.


Can you post the scans here. I gotta see this perfect scan.

Ok let me run it through again and I’ll save the scan this time.

Here it is. I ran a different DVD than the first one, but it’s the same media with the same burner used at the same speed.

You’re goin to trick us! :wink:

Huh? what does that mean…

Could you scan the same media at 8x again just to compare and what firmware and version of cdspeed you’ve?

Huh? what does that mean…
It simply means PIF scanning is not supported.
BTW, no real quality scanning (PIE/PIF) what so ever. :disagree:

Posting a link in Hall of Fame… was a little premature IMO. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok so my score means absolutely nothing? How do I get the PIF scanning to work :(?

EDIT: sorry about posting in the HALL OF FAME thread.

Also, If i scan the exact same burn again, shouldn’t I get the exact same score? How does this work…

Sony 810A doesn’t support PI/PO (PIE/PIF) scanning, no matter what you try.

This drive is hardwarevise same as BenQ 1640. BenQ supports quality scanning and many other futures part of QSuite.
The only way to get this futures with your 810A is to crossflash.

But be warned, crossflashing voids your warranty and might damage your drive making it useless.

And I thought I was going to see a second perfect scan. :frowning:

Not easy at all!