How good are the TDK 52X CDRs?

Anybody had any problems with the TDK 52X CDRs?

Also, anybody compared these with the Mitsui CDRs for use as audio CDs (pthalocyanine type 9 dye vs. pthalocyanine type 5 dye)?

Audio enthusiast sites speak very highly of the Mitsui CDRs and I’m just curious whether these could be considered a poor man’s Mitsuis?

I use a Yamaha CRW-F1ZUX CD-RW drive with it’s OEM Nero burning software.

I have the most recent firmware update (1.0d - October 4, 2002).

Is it possible that this recent CDR will be incompatible with my drive because of “outdated” firmware, or should the drive just use Ritek, TG 48X ATIP data to optimize burning?

They’re average Ritek TG discs, not ready for 48x+ burning but more than adequate for 40x.