How good are Maxell DVD-R 16x?

Media code is RITEKF1.

This Maxells I find was very cheap, so I bought one pack of 25. I don’t have experiences with this discs, but I had Maxells RITEKG04, and RITEK R03, and they are good after 2 years.


Ritek is a good producer. The F in the MID means Fuji’s Oxonol dye, one that is noted for its durability. If your drive can record to these discs properly, they ought to last a very long time.

I’ve had pretty good luck with Ritek F1 under the Maxell brand.

You don’t say what drive you have, as some drives burn them better than others (at least that’s what I’ve found testing that MID on various drives of mine) - my LiteOn LH-20A1H tends to do a good job up to 16x with them.

I’ve had some playback problems on a standalone with another brand using Ritek F1 (Traxdata) though, burned on the same drive.

I’m only a recent F1 user (last year or so), so longterm I can’t comment. :slight_smile:

I own Samsung 162C, and BenQ DW1650, but I can burn those discs on LiteOn 20A1S, too :slight_smile: