How good are 8x optodisc

i’ve seen in an other forum Samsung +R OPTODISCOR8 disc’s at 2 x 50 spindles for 9.01
any one have experience with them & over all quality, longevity thank’s :slight_smile:

Depends on the batch and your burner.
Disc quality can vary from very good to intermitten failures.
I would definitely go for 100 discs for $9. :slight_smile:

optodisc R08 are ok, stay away from R04. $9 for 100 is definately a good deal, now be generous to your classmates.

wee mistake not samsung i think but are optodisc in the uk so it’s £9.01 should put down where i’m from

at staples :slight_smile:

oh they are samsung’s got them up glasgow but don’t think much of them