How glad are you that the forum doesn't look like the news page?


There are few things I hate in life … two of them is ugly yellow borders & MSN icons.
Both are present on the cdfreaks News page …

Thank god the forum is still the same (revised) colours that we we dragged kicking and screaming into for CDFreaks V1.5 …

At any rate … what are you opinions on the News Page & How glad are you that the forums are still the same?

At least I know what the inside of an airline sick-bag looks like now!

Ahh…look on the main page…double right click the little blue monitor in the ugly new logo…

I’m extatic

Can’t see a thing… underwear on head.

I don’t really care either way, but it seems strange (and a bit annoying) having two separate formats for CD freaks main page, and the forum. It makes them feel more like separate sites to me - maybe that’s what was intended.

Change is bound to happen, or so I’m told.

Having not been around for a while, I was a bit surprised. Panic did start to set in when i couldn’t recall how my password was keyed, and for the life of me couldn’t see a link to request password reset, alas I was just being a dork and all is well again.

Internet explorer only?

Now we know that CDfreaks isn’t for the experts anymore …

deanimator is just pulling your leg! :wink:

I can say that I hope they just leave the FORUMS alone. They work fine, look ok and get the job done.

As for the main site, well, I just won’t be going there any more. :slight_smile:

Now ain’t that the sweetest thing? :wink:

I can’t say it bothers me too much. A bit surprised that the forums link is all the way over to the right…methinks it should be nearer the left, so it’s easily seen.

I think change is always weird to start with. Maybe it just needs a few weeks for us all to get used to it, I dunno? :slight_smile:

Wigglesmania sweeps across CDFreaks development team. :sad::sad::sad:

HAHAHA!! Now that is a good spot!
Worryingly similar IMO… do the Wiggles have registered trade mark copyright on their colour scheme I wonder… ?

Edit: Brrrrriiinng!!! Henry the octopus!! Woof woof woof!! Wohoohohohoh!! Dorothy! Let’s play!!

Reason for edit: Brain infected by Wiggles virus.

I suspect CDFreaks Newspage is in breach of copyright :stuck_out_tongue: