How get rid of the black screens before the DVD menu?



I use VOB Blanker to remove the ads, etc. in front of my back ups - they’re far more enjoyable to watch than the originals!!

My problem is that there is a 0.12 second of black in place of each ad, which on my DVD players insists on pausing for a good 4 seconds or so on each chapter change, meaning that what takes 0.6 seconds to load up on PowerDVD takes 20 seconds for 5 would-be ads to load up on my DVD player.

Is there any way to eliminate the ads in their entirety (whilst still keeping menus, etc. in place, so don’t suggest a move only copy :stuck_out_tongue: )?


You could use PGCEdit to change the post commands and control where the DVD jumps as it progresses toward the menu. For example you could change the post commands of the First-Play-PGC to do a jump to VMGM and send it directly to your TITLEM (which should normally be the main menu of the DVD).


Ah. Problem there - I’ve tried using PGC Edit before and I’ve NO idea how it works; it’s not very user friendly! :confused:


the guide on how to split a dvd into 2 discs using vobblanker has a section that shows you how to use pgcedit to skip the pause in the begining of disc 2 of the chapters you blanked out on disc 2 (say first 15 chapters that are on disc 1), this may help you out some


You will find that it is actually relatively simple once you figure out exactly what it is you are looking at. I thought the same way you did at first but after running through it a few times I got the hang of it. Granted I am by no means a master at the prog but I feel comfortable with it and can navigate around it pretty well.

Here is a pretty useful resource doc:

If you would like to take a screen shot of your DVD opened in PGCEdit with the First_Play Pgc highlighted or if you want to post or PM me back and forth I would be happy to try and help out.



Thanks for the replies everyone. Hatchetman, I looked at the walkthroughs and attempted to do it but I got stuck on several turns and gave up at the point where I had to press the ‘break’ button in the first link’s guide as I couldn’t even find it.

The problem is that I don’t understand what any of the tings I’m doing actually represent.

Also it says about going on the ‘main’ menu but I’m not aware of what that is; all I can ever find are the meus at the top, probably due to y version being 6.3 as opposed to the 5.6 one shown. I’m still trying but don’t hold out much luck…


OK, I finally got it to work! Many thanks to all of you, especially HatchetMan for your links. Although I do have a problem…

I found the first guide listed too difficult as I was unfamiliar with PGC Edit.
The second guide explained eveything but was more complex and also designed for main movie, and adapting it for menus had quite a few diffences, not all of which were fully explained.

BUT… guide no.2 helped me get familar with a few things so I was able to have another crack at guide 1, which has worked!!

The thing is, it only works when the DVD is inserted. If it’s been stopped then played again, it goes back to its old habits. Is there a way to make it so it happens on every time the disc’s played as opposed to put in???