How get block size in bytes?

How i can estimate block size in bytes?

Data block size is 2048 bytes. Audio block size is 2366 bytes. So multiple the number of blocks by one of those two values and you’ll get your answer.


Next question:
I have big list file, how to select files what can be burned to one CD?

I assume, that you want to calculate how many files fit on one CD?
Up from NeroAPI you can use the method NeroEstimateTrackSize with the flag NETS_EXACT_SIZE to let NeroAPI calculate the exact size of the track that will be generated. Generally, this size is accumulated of the size of the files plus some additional space for the filesystem.

As I got in nerocom, EstimateTrackSize just works for isotracks, what about audio and video tracks?

another question, how can we distiguish between Audio and Data CD, to calculate the freespace in byte, nerocom just return the track type, our cd can be a mixed mode cd so, it contains both audio and dat tracks, so we must multiply the FreeCapacityInBlocks to what, 2048 or 2352?