How fast to scan vs quality issues?

After a burn say at 4x, 8x, 12x, or 16x how fast should a quality scan be set at to provide realistic results? I would think that it should be scanned as fast as it was burned?

I have also read that several have been getting >95% quality scans however there DVD still has issues in their DVD player? Why is that? That does not figure with the excellent scan?

It is usually toward the last few chapters where the failure may occur so after every burn I play a few minutes of every chapter on burned DVD and all is well.

I am also suprised that some are reporting that DVD’s will play the first few days after a burn but not so well in a few weeks. I have never experienced this issue using CMC discs on the 1620. There are many variables that I could list that come into play that are very hard to control which can affect future playback even if made on qulaity media.

I don’t think anybody knows for certain what scan speed is the best. I have done some testing with my DW1620 at 16x speed and don’t consider it to be true to life. I still prefer 8x speed scanning and think it’s more “consistent” than 16x speed scanning. Please see this thread and read all of it; especially page number two:

socrates007…I like your scientific approach to this issue. I just make sense that if your scanned disc looks bad a 4x it will be worse at 8x and very bad at 16x.

Most stand alone DVD players will not read a DVD faster than 2x maybe 4x but that is rare…so why scan at even 8x if that is the case. I have never scanned a 16x.

I pretty much scan as fast as the disc was burned. If I burn at 4x then I scan at 4x to produce a realistic result.

Keep up that good work!!

Thank you very much. Scientific thinking is the only way to properly test out hypotheses. :smiley: