How fast should I burn in order to create a quality burn?

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Does burning speed matter when burning a 16X disc?
If so, what speed should I burn in order to have a reliable & high-qulity disc (16X or 12X or 8X or 4X or 2X)?

I hear some people burn some discs over their certified speed (eg a 8X disc burnt at 16X). Why could it be done? Is it a good practice? Will this burn bad disc?

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Generally with quality media using burning speed at its rated speed. For example 8x TY media at 8x etc., with low quality media it’s sometimes better to use lower burning speeds and for 16x media i personally choose 12x.

Totally agree.

It’s vitally important to buy quality media. Forget the bulk paq etc. Get Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

But bear in mind that the combination of the burner & the media is important as some burners will burn a particular media better/worse than another burner.

I personally get LiteON SHM-165P6S.
I bought Verbatim 16X DVD+R.
To have quality burns, is it just fine to burn at its rated speed, or should I lower it to 12X or 8X or even 4X?

For MCC004 i’d choose 12x.

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Did you scan the disc after the burn?
What’s the result (on average)? Normally how many PI/PIF?

Not always, but to have an overview of pi/po and its meaning have a look at here

On your liteon, scan at 8x speed.

Your results should remain under PI: 280 & PIF: 4 for a good burn, although you can usually ignore small spikes that exceed these limits (kprobe has been known to throw in a few high spikes for no significant reason).

It’s the mountains that you have to watch out for.

Generally though:
An excellent quality disc will have PI <25 (most <10) & PIF <2 (most <1)
A good quality disc will have PI <50 & PIF <4 (all under 4)
A poor quality disc will have PI 50-280 & PIF <4 (occasional spike over 4)

A coaster will have PI exceeding 280 and/or PIF consistently over 4 or mountains peaks >5.

As to what speed should you burn at … if you don’t know, start at the rated speed of the media.

Although for CD’s I generally just burn at 24x, the time difference being the time it takes for me to get up, wander to the fridge & grab something to drink.

Similarly for DVD’s. The difference between 12x & 16x is negligible, however, the PI/PIF often goes mental for in the 16x zone during burns, so it’s really not worth the 30s difference to chance a coaster.

Once you get a little more advanced, you can start over-speeding low-speed media with acceptable results, sometimes with better results than 16x rated media :wink:

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As for speeds…I like 32x for data CDs, 16x for audio…and DVDs…well, see advice given already, although I tend to burn most of my 16x media @ 12x.

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Coaster is nasty. I don’t like coaster. :wink:
To be on a safe side, I’ll burn my 16X disc at 12X; CD at 24X.

Post back a scan or 2 after you’ve burned a few. I think Liteons give best results after 3 or 4 burns with a particular media/speed combination.

OK, I’ll when I burn my first DVD with my LiteOn SHM-165P6S.
But I may not burn any disc in this week, so you need to wait. :frowning:

PM and scold me if I forget to post back, just in case. :bigsmile:

I have always burned at 2.4x. I made the mistake of burning at 16x one time and i have yet to be able to burn the dvd again…Yet it can play…Burning fast isn’t worth the time…Too many write errors occur.

Buy better media.

Would you recommend overburning using TY T02’s on a Lite-On SOHW-1693S using this patched firmware:

And if so, what speed? 12X? 16X?

Try 12x and see what happens. I’d recommend sticking to 8x though. :slight_smile:

(My LGs allow me to choose 12x with T02s using stock firmware, but I still think quality is best at the rated speed).

I have a nec 3540a and I remember reading somewhere (not sure if it was here or elsewhere) where they reviewed which media worked best with this drive and said the TDK 8x was the best media. So I have been using that for my drive.

I have been burning at 12x thou since thats its maximum burn. But I will probably switch to 8x now just to see if it makes a difference.

use ritek discs for dvd burning and always burn at the slowest possible speed.for cd burning use as fast as you like on a quality disc

Ritek discs?!
Best for coasters?! :smiley:

That’s all Ritek DVD media is good for at the moment :iagree: