How fast is to fast?

My burner has the ability to burn at 4x. I noticed that CloneCD has the ability to burn at 24x. I haven’t tried it yet, not sure if it would even work if I tried 24x. Mainly I’d be worried I’d end up damaging the burner.

So, couple questions…

Some CD-Rs are capable of being burnt at 8x, 12x, etc., if I were jack up the speed through CloneCD to 8x, would the CD work afterwards (assuming the burner can burn that fast) and would it damage the burner at all? Or is 4x the bottom line and I have to live with it?

I have an external Iomega ZipCD 650 burner.


If you choose 8x speed in clonecd but your burner is only capable of burning at a max of 4x, clonecd automaticly choose 4x.

try it, nothing will go wrong.

If your car has a maximum speed of let’s say 100 mph, you can not get it to go 150 mph just by letting someone else drive it…

This is the same for your burner. The only way to have it burn faster is to alter your drive, as you would tune up your car to make it go faster.

As Snowie said, the software you are using (be it Nero, CloneCD, CDR Win or Easy CD Creator) will automatically select the maximum speed of your burner.

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“The only way to have it burn faster is to alter your drive, as you would tune up your car to make it go faster.” – which is true, I remember posting (and seeing) some sites about overclocking your cdrw (mine doesnt wanna be overclocked–let alone have its firmware updated using the OEM flasher/image)–philips cdrw 460

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Well if you only have a 4X burner and you want to burn at 8X it will NOT WORK! Sometimes you can u use other Firmwares but they ain’t best reliable. To find the place to get the firmwares search the Forum (Taxman will like that!)