How fast is the liteon 48x burner as a cdrom?

Atm i have a sony 52x cdrom and i love it… but its time for a new burner.

i already have a pioneer dvd drive and a cdrom… but when i get a burner, the cdrom will be going.

i do a alot of cd swapping, so want a burner that has fast access times and can recognise cds fast too… which the sony does well.

can some1 with the liteon 48x burner tell me the average access times so i can compare with the sony cdrom


I think the LiteOn 48X CDRW outperforms the Sony drive based on benchmarks from various sites.

Why don’t you use your DVD ROM ? Pioneer DVD is a good drive.

CD burners tend to be the fastest drives for reading CD-Rs. My Samsung CD Burner is rated at 32x while my 16X DVD-ROM is rated at 44x CD speed. On good quality CDs (e.g. from a Liteon burner), the disc reads much quicker in the DVD-ROM than the CD burner. But once I try testing a lightly scratched CD or even CDs written by that Samsung 32x8x8 drive, the samsung still takes the same length to read the CD, but the DVD-ROM struggles while reading the CD and takes twice as long as the Samsung.:wink:

Also, most new CD burners have very good seek times. A 48x Liteon will generally perform no worse than a standard 48x CD-ROM drive.

My Liteon 40125s (overclocked 32123s) has an average seek time of 80ms and ranges from 20x to 49.5x on a 700MB CD-R. This was what Nero CD speed reported to me.