How fast is fast?

I’ve been reading posts on this board for over a year, but I decided to post this question here, 1: because I’m new to this board, and it is one of those …“this is probibly a stupid question” But how fast is a fast read and write? I have a NEC 2510A on my Laptop 1.8ghz intel with 512 RAM and a 7200rpm harddrive (yes i put a faster harddrive in when i bought the machine) and I only read at 3.3x or so. I write at 2.0~2.2 with Clone dvd2, and 4x just using DVD decrypter (single layer only, haven’t figured out dual layer yet). I’ve burnt probibly 100 something movies with no problems just takes a while. I’ve included a few screen shots of my latest read with the CPU monitor up. Any one see something I’m doing wrong? I’m building a much faster machine, will a faster burner make a difference? the CPU and RAM doesn’t seem to be working all that hard.

I believe your slow rip speeds are because of riplock. Basically, the firmware of the drive doesn’t allow the drive to read the disk @ a higher rate than you are experiencing.

You could try and use a firmware which has the riplock removed for faster ripping speeds.

I think that you need to check that DMA is enabled on all your devices (HDD & burner) as that will typically slow things down. Here’s a link for you.
Also if the burner & HDD are on the same IDE channel then ripping & burning will also be very slow.

Thanks, I loaded the 2.F8_Qb3 flash and it reads almost twice as fast. It seems to max out at 5.5x at it shows on the attached screen shot. I’m guessing the limitation is not the transfer rate of the DVD to the harddrive? I don’t have much of choices for the IDE channels, being a laptop. I’m building a new machine with Dual CPU, and a RAID 0 system on SATA II, I know this burner would run faster, that being said, would a newer burner out performe this one on the new system…out perform enough to warrent getting a new burner? I’m not trying to cut corners, but no use in buying something i don’t need.

It depends on how fast is your write I think the max on a single layer is 16X And I have one at that and it reads and writes under 30 min.

If you want faster ripping speeds try a dvd-rom drive. Just make sure you have the open bays on your new cpu.Generally they rip faster but you also have the advantage of not putting unnecessary wear and tear on your burner. As far as getting a new burner why spend the money if you’re happy with the burn quality? I would spend the money on a more powerful cpu. Burner technology is changing now anyway with blu-ray and hd-dvd drives.

The 2510 is an 8X dvd burner and although excelent is considered slow by todays standard. A further limiting factor is the external case and USB port I think that your current setup has.
In your new machine the speed is only limited to todays products and the depth of your pocket.