How fast does this media burn?

hey there people,

this guy from a local forum is selling this 50 pack dvd-rs.

MIJ sealed Fuji 8x DVD-R 50-pak Made In Japan

You guyz know how fast a 716A would burn this media?? like…i am wondering…if it burns at 16x? cuz, some 8x japanese media do right…


Not on the Plextor recommended list, so probably will burn at 8x or less.

A good burn beats a fast burn any time, I always burn a no more than max or 1/2 of max speed.

Fujifilm 8x DVD-R made in Japan is TYG02, which can be burn up to 16x on 716A with nice results.

If it’s MIJ and Fuji 8x DVD-R, it’s almost certainly TYG02 which is indeed on the Plex recommended list. The Plex recommended list is extremely confusing and should be updated to include MIDs and not company-specific internal product numbers.

and what do you guyz think about this media: Verbatim DVD+R 8x 4.7GB?? How fast would plextor burn this media??


That is also recommended media (assuming the media code is MCC003), and it can burn up to 12x.

It can be at least four different types:

Originally it was MCC 003, but now it can also be YUDEN000 T02.
Both are excellent. Should burn at up to 12x, maybe 16x for the T02?

The Pearl White version is either RITEK R03 or CMC MAG E01.
I don’t have personal experience with these, so I won’t comment.

T02 is supported at 16x on the 716A. As for the Pearl White codes, those burn at their rated speed of 8x.