How fast does does a disc have to spin before it breaks?

Curious to know, especially since a LG-H10L and a Imation branded Dazon CD combination just did this to me. Coincidently, it was my backup copy of XP Pro. And it appears as the drive is no longer any good since the tray will no longer open even though I think I managed to remove all the pieces but Windows recognizes it.

Not sure. Prolly like 48x? :slight_smile:
Did it have cracks in the hub before?
I’ll add Daxon to my bad list.

Didn’t notice any. Just found a site where they put a CD on a dremel tool @35,000rpm and it didn’t break. Which would be equal to 170-180x. This puzzles me as I did have the LG riplock patched with MCSE, but it still shouldn’t go over 52x max. ?
CDs ‘explode’ at 23000-25000 rpm.

Regardless, no more cheap cd’s for me. TY all the way from now on!

Oh, that poor LG :sad:

I just removed the riplock on my beloved 4163B, I really hope none of my DVDRs does what your CDR did :eek:

I’m suspecting there may have been an un-noticable crack in the disc that may have just gave in after looking at the speeds that a disc has to be at for this to happen. From now on I will just to look a little closer than I usually do.

On the brigher side of things I have a few spare parts for my new one now.

The show on Discovery Mythbusters done this - the spun discs faster and faster until the exploded - the showed that a undamaged disc could not explode in a normal PC drive. What could make a disc go at a much slower speed is if it was unbalanced (with a label or already had a fracture).