How fast do you burn your Yudens?



I was wondering what FW you guys are using to burn your TYs and how fast you were burning them. i’ve tried most of the hacked firmwares on this site but I always manage to get coasters when I speed the burn to 12X and higher.


I burn 8X-rated Taiyo Yudens and 8X-rated Japanese FujiFilms at the rated speed of 8X. I see no sense at pushing my luck and trying to save a minute or two by attempting a burn at a higher speed than 8X.

Unless your DVDs are expendable it is not worth making marginal 12X or 16X burns when you can make solid burns at the rated speed of 8X.

I am using the Mad Dog Multimedia firmware and bitsetting utility set to DVD-ROM.


See this thread:

I have 300 of those crappy discs (about 250 left). Yours sound worse then my though. Mine burn fine at 12x on my Nec 3500 LD V2 B6.


I’d take those crappy TY discs if you don’t need them. Will be glad to pay for shipping.


2.FC based firmwares seem to burn T02 very well at 16X, They are far from marginal :wink:
if the media is good. FUJI T02 (Germany) is very very good.
Our V2 Beta 8 (2.T8) has further quality tweaks for this media.


LD_V1_4_Final 12 & 16X without a coaster.



As has been said since the first release of PX-712A, GSA-4120B, DW1600… that depends on what YUDEN000T02 media are used. Not all TY’s are equal. :slight_smile: (Look at Jan S.'s reviews.)


Is it more glory to overspeed?

I backup 5 to 8 DVDs per week, and WOW, I can spend 4 minutes more per burn.
If you do not tell anyone, I just go drink some tea, or do light browsing, hehehe
Sometimes I get to unload the new disc maybe 1 hour later, like “hurry up and wait” :slight_smile:


Can burn 12X with excellent quality. However, I’m sticking to 4X. Less wear and tear on the drive’s motor.


sure no problem…how may you want at .40 a disc plus shipping??


you have got to be kidding.


The motor has to spin faster at 12X and 16X. No kidding. I put in the DVD, hit the burn button, and go to sleep. Auto shut-down at the end of the burn.


:rolleyes: they are also suported at 2.4x…why not burn them at that speed it provides even less wear and tear on you drive. :rolleyes:


I don’t want my drive to last forever! I will occasionally burn during the day… 14 min is long enough for a quick GI shower.


What are they? TYG02, YUDENT02, etc…

If they are those and can’t burn higher than 8x successfully they are fake.


…or one of the bad batches.


12x since my external only does 12x. i am running LD1.4fast and get good scans with ty. after the conversation about lots 1133 and 1125 i burnt 2 of each and posted the scans (damn cdspeed won’t let me set the top so it just keeps hammering to try for 16x instead of 12x)

my best guess on the batch thing is not that the discs have a problem but their storage prior to your purchase is more likely the issue.


I usually burn TYG01 @ 8x with no problems at all, however i’m still experimenting with LD_V2_beta8 @ 12x - seems to have a little problem burning/reading the outer edges (see attached scan) so i’ll probably stay with 8x.

edit - yeah yeah the scan is of beta7 :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


I burn (8x) TYG01 @ 16x every time with LD-V2beta4 and my 3500. :bigsmile:


I’m using FujiFilm 8x +R (“Made in Japan” in fine print on label <— This is very important for real Taiyo Yuden Media - Yuden000T02) and have burned 37 full DVD’s at 16x with NO problems when using Dee’s V2 beta 6. Tried beta 8 last night, which is suppose to be better by everybody’s comments here, but only got up to ~11x for some reason. Nothing has changed and still using Ultra DMA 2 as before. Haven’t had time to try and debug yet. Don’t believe anything else has changed. But from beta 6 and before and even with stock firmware, REAL Yuden 8x’s will burn at 16x very cleanly and reliably.

Thanks DEE for the great contributions you have made here!!! Along with EVERYBODY’s help.