How fast can you copy on the fly?

Early on when I got my 107D, I didn’t have much luck with the 1.10 hacked fw. I moved to 1.12 and 1.13 and then back to 1.10 hacked. In the mean time I cleared up a driver conflict. Of all the things it was an Epson printer driver conflict. I installed a newer driver and now I have much better luck with the 1.10 hacked fw. I can even copy on the fly at 6X, using 4x rated Memorex (ProdiskS03) and even some 2X rated Imation (Ritek G03) media. Both my source drive, a Lite-On combo drive, and the 107D are on the same IDE channel. Is this about the fastest I can copy on the fly? I mean at 6X? I’m wondering if anybody is able to copy at 8X on the fly.

BTW, I don’t know how the source drive is able to keep up with the burner at the beginning of the disk. My combo drive starts reading at about 3.5 at the beginning and at the end it is up to a little over 8x reading speed. But somehow, I can burn a full disk in about 11 minutes. My guess is that the burn speed at the beginning is less than 6X.

I recommend not to burn any dvds on the fly because it may crashes your blank dvd as far as i know

I might be wrong so please listen to what other ppl’s opinion before you try it

I’ve done 8x burns on the fly with my 811 and my Nec 2500. As long as your reader is fast enough towards the end of the burn and evrything else in your system is up to snuff it should work.
Of course the source has to be small enough to fit the blank.
You MIGHT even be able to do two at once although that might push it and you’ll probably hit the buffers :slight_smile: If you have two dvd burners.

Yes I’ve done x8 but then have 2 drivers the same so would expect then to sync but is nice to see both green lights on and through the entire burn. :smiley: