How fast can u go with riplock disabled?

Well i got the hacked firmware 1u.c that removes the riplock and i was ripping harry potter and the chamber of secrets. It took about 30 mins. I wasnt there watching the speed though, but it started at about 2.2x. Is my firmware working correctly? How fast of speeds do your rips go to?

Did you use the quiet version or the regular version? The quiet version rips at a slower speed. The other version can rip at maximum speed of 3-7x on dual-layer video DVDs, it starts at 3x builds up to 7x at the end of the first layer then gradually slows back down to 3x at the end of the second layer. With a single layer video DVD it can rip at 6-16x speed. You also need to select maximum speed using DVD Decrypter to rip or use Nero’s DVD-speed to set the speed.

My NEC 3500 rips a DL disc in ~ 21.00 using DVD Decrypter.

The times for my other dvd drives for the same disc :

  1. Philips 1640 = 17.57 mins

  2. LG 4163 = 17.32 mins

  3. Pioneer 109 = 11.29 mins

  4. AOpen 1648 = 11.10 mins

I think the Plextor 716 is the only dvd burner faster than the Pioneer 109 at ripping a DL disc?

Nec are have horrible ripping speeds.

Philips 1640 is faster… with a speed patch =)


Is there a speed patch for the OEM Philips?

I am using B3.4 firmware.

Don’t know if MCSE works for OEM… however you can always flash with Retail Philips firmware or BenQ firmware.