How fast Can I Burn Audio Safely?

:slight_smile: Hello: Here’es a dumb newbie question. I have been using a Plextor 24/10/40 and using Feurio, I usually burn right at 24 with no problems at all.

Now for the dumb question; I can buy a 48x Plextor for $59 after rebate at Amazon. I’d love to do this if I am able to burn faster. What speeds are you burning at? Some people say slower is better, but I’m not so sure anymore.

My dvd-rom is a Liteon(great drive). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please respond to my post or feel free to email me directly. Thanks!!:slight_smile:

aslong your burned cd’s play wel in your stand-alone players their is no problem.
but slower speeds seem to give more compatibility with some stand-alone players.
But also good media is important

i was burning my audio at 40x with my taiyo yuden fujifilms. These are the ones rated at 24x but burn with low error rates at 40x. If i wasn’t so lazy, i would post the ATIP.

Anyway, i found some new 40x media, did some testing for errors and found that burning at 52x with my liteon, results in low error rates. So i now burn audio at 52 and the discs play in all my drives and my portable cd player just fine.

There is no one specific answer to give. You should perform your own test to see what works best for you.

The error rates which i refer to are the C1 errors, which are normal and are corrected by the player.

well if you creted an image of your cd then i beleive you can burn a maximum speed…because if your image is good it should be a good replica
however if it is from .wav or other associated files then burn at 8X or 12X
well thats my opinon

Well if you buy a 48x CDRW you expect it to write without problems at 48x. So just use max speed. :bigsmile:

Thanks very Much for the help. I appreciate it very much

Media-FAQ, Q1717)

I wouldn’t sell the Plextor 24x before buying the 48x model.
In fact, I wouldn’t buy a 48x drive nor burn at 48x speed.
Yes, you can get very good discs at 48x, but how are you going to know it?

You’ll need quality media and you’ll only burn 1 minute faster.
I haven’t had any of those drives, but from what I read in the forum, I’d say that Plextor 48x isn’t better made than Plex24x.

Yes, you can get very good discs at 48x, but how are you going to know it?
By scanning the disc in a Plextor Premium