How fast can CD Readers and Writers get?

I just posted the article How fast can CD Readers and Writers get?.

lanky used our newssubmit to tell the following story about the speed of CD readers and writers.

With the current of CD Writers (and readers) getting faster, the question asked by users and…

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The world’s getting sad if people really need these kind of burn speeds. Everyone just needs to take a chill pill and learn to relax for a few minutes. And for those of you that do needs these speeds all I have to say is this: stop selling pirated stuff!! LMAO.

backing up what nila said; what is the difference in burn times between a X16 burner, and a X40 speed burner anyway - 2mins?

sweet :slight_smile: faster drives are great for reading, for burning i don’t care =) but it’s fun to read this articles, about how fast everything is going :slight_smile: half the speed of sound, seems nice =)

The market has to react to consumer’s wants and needs, a fact that the RIAA has yet to grasp. Theoretically, it should be possible to alter the design of a burner to allow the heads to rotate in the opposite direction to the spinning CD. This would allow 100x speeds while balancing the unit for stability. Me…I’ll stick with my 40X

I Use my :4 Pioneer DVD-RW model DVR-104 :4 and fu** all other writers…i write what i want on whatever i want…heheheh. And it only costed me 250€…if that wasn’t a GOOD deal…i don’t know anymore wa

I don’t know about writing, but as for reading, 62X can easily be surpassed with multi-beam technology. Anyone remember the Kenwood TrueX series? Why hasn’t multi-beam been standard in CD-ROMs yet?

Maybe someone can help me: I am looking for a replacement “Crystal Cartridge” made by Shure for my 78 r.p.m. record cutting machine. It is one of those new “Wilcox-Gay” units (that’s the name brand). I have plenty of black 78 r.p.m. acetate discs; I just need the cutting stylus - oh yeah, the unit will only cut a record at 1x…

To compliment Nila’s statement: Instead of wasting your money on a faster recorder, spend it on a old 200mmx PC off of eBay and just stick it in a corner somewhere hooked up through a little LAN. Then you don’t have to even wait for CD’s, you can keep going on with what you are already doing and let it go over in the corner. I have 16x… 4-5mins is just enough time to go get a snack and stretch my legs.

HI, only take 2 writing heads in every burner and the speed will double. Or build a writer which needs 2 such places in a pc an give it 16 write heads, you’ll get a 400000000x writer :9 gräfdig

16x is fast enough, however, @40x and P-CAV, the new 40x LiteOn looks damn fine. At that speed, cd’s will be burnt faster than they can usually be read!!!

Dirty “secret” of at least one major pressed CD manufacturer-One type of very popular molding machine has trouble making discs that are equal thickness all the around. The mold halves actually float in the their housings! They are cheap molding machines. But verrrry popular. I have both worked on these machines and ran tests on very expensive QA equipment. The problem is there and it is NOT tested before the CD’s leave the factory! Try one of these CD’s at even 16~24X and you will hear the noise plainly. Now think of all the extra work the laser servos are doing to keep the laser focused on that wobbling disc…

I know they make CD-ROM drive which use a bank of 7 lasers to read several tracks at once and firmware to sequence this data before feeding it to the IDE bus. I don’t see why you couldn’t write in this manner as well. I’m sure it will be a technical hurdle (especially if cdfxer’s for real) but technical hurdles are usually overcome. :slight_smile:

Yes I am for real, but I never signed a NDA… But what I was talking about was pressed CD’s, not CDR/RW’s. Actually Kenwood (Pioneer too?) made a drive that used several lasers to read. From what I read there were lots of problems with the drives. But the peeps that have them and have them working well, love them.

Recording speed barely gets to me. Sure, I may be burning at 20X ~ 24X all the time but that’s just because I can. Being able to rip the new protected CDs is what’ll see them replaced