How far is it between here and there?

How far is it between here and there?


Duh! 5 spaces! Can’t you count?

It can depend on what you see as the beginning as here and the end of there. In the worst case you use the space before the h of here as the start point and the space after the e of there as the end point. In that case the answer is 14 spaces.

I suggest you first define what you see as the start point of here and the end point of there and then i’ll come up with a better answer.

How long is 1 space?? :confused:

That entirely depends on your assumption of what 1 space is. In ASCII it’s about 8 pixels.

NASA considers it infinite. So 5 spaces in 5 Inifinites.

Sorry but I didn´t assume anything , It was you who wanted to know how far it was between here and there and you defeined 5 spaces remember? :bigsmile:
So therefore I asked you,Encyclopedia Belvederius how long 1 space was so I could multiplie it with 5 and see how far it IS between here and there…
Oh,and by the way,yes I am bored at work thats right! :iagree:

Oe, oe, me too, me too. :iagree: :iagree:

The encyclopedia with all the wrong answers! :bigsmile:

:iagree: :iagree:

1.29 parsecs…Too far to walk, unless you have a really good pair of shoes…

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