How far has your DW1620 (or rebadge) Gone?

I suppose this is a poll, but I don’t think answers fit easily into a small list of choices.

Here’s the preface:

I’ve had my DW1620 rebadge for perhaps two years. I depend on it heavily, and it’s burning as well as the day I got it. I’m concerned, though, that if it ‘goes’ on me, I’ll have to be content with a more recent design that just doesn’t seem to match the (becoming legendary) write quality and feature set of my ol’ 1620.

I’m pinching pennies because my son’s in chemo (doing well, but even with insurance there’s hardly a dollar to spare).

While I’ve nearly ‘settled’ on a Pioneer 111D as the current crop’s cost/performance choice, my hope is that something better will appear in the months ahead.

So I may just wait…but…

How far has your DW1620 Gone?

After about 2 years and (I think) about 650+ burns, quality scans are consistent on similar media with those I made when the drive was new (which indicates it’s stable mechanically, electronically).

Has your DW1620 retired (putting it nicely)? If so, how many burns did you get from it, and how long did you have it?

Is your DW1620 still going? If so, same request.

Can you even guess how many burns you’ve completed?

Ever burn more than 30 DVD’s in a day?

I might be more comfortable just waiting for better drives to appear if my sense is that most of you got good mileage out of yours.

Oh, and the next time you pass that bus in front of a store, take 15 minutes and donate blood, please! If my 5 year old can handle needle pokes every week for 3 years to save his own life, I’m sure you can handle it once in a while to save someone else :). Literally, my son’s chance at living depended on at least 3 people doing that.

You’ll hardly ever be closer to being an angel while still in flesh.

…'nuff tear jerking… :bigsmile:

Thanks everyone…

I’ve had my 1620’s for 2 years as well with both being rebadged drives from Compusa. :slight_smile: They’re still going strong probably because I have so many other dvd burners that I spread the wealth around. I don’t use any one dvd burner to do all my burning. I had a old godzilla movie that could not be ripped by any of my other dvd burners/dvdrom’s but one of my good old 1620 was able to rip it with no problems. :bigsmile:

I have the Pioneer 710 drive which is the retail version of the 111D. It’s crossflashed to the 111L drive. So far no problems with it.

At one of the Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving sale) ads posted on the internet, the Pioneer 710 will be on sale for $29.99 the day after Thanksgiving, only Friday and Saturday. The ad is no longer posted due to Best Buy threatening a lawsuit so the ads were taken down.

I’m on my third Benq DW1620 after two early failures and touch wood, it still turns out excellent qualty burns after 2 years although it’s a bit picky with media. I have burned about 700 cd’s and just over 500 dvd’s. I would never attempt burning 30 dvd’s in one day as my drive is getting a bit noisier now so the bearings are probably a bit worn. I dread the day when it dies as I think I will find it difficult to replace but will probably do the same as you and go the Pioneer route. Meanwhile sticking with firmware B7V9.

Hope your son improves. Best wishes.

How far has your DW1620 Gone?approx. 2400 dvd-/+rs and probably 200 cdrs before the laser started flaking… read/write/not recognizing media :frowning: replaced w/ a 1650 …using a 1655 externally as well in a phr500bc :smiley:

my 1620 is more than two yrs old and still running fine. I don’t use it anymore for dvd burning (just a few times), but it is my main ripper and cd burner. I will keep using it until it dies of its natural death: wear.

mine’s still going after 1500 burns or so