How far along is fully decrypting HD-DVD and Blu-ray content?



I just posted the article How far along is fully decrypting HD-DVD and Blu-ray content?.

The title to this source article already seems to indicate both “HD-DVD and Blu-ray as obsolete,” while in its first paragraph it states that the "recent release of software…is the…

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With HD streaming Blu Ray and 1080 p is here to stay, dish and dtv, microsoft, all going to HD media streaming extenders. Now Blu Rays with New Encryption was successfully broken, and my neighbor has the new Slysoft “ANYDVD HD” which I burned all the latest sony and disney BLU RAY movies on. I have dvd fab platinum and it will do some older Sony csss encrypted DVD blu rays, but none of the new ones. Only ANY DVD HD by has a full fledged completed Blu Ray BD decryption program that broke the code and burns any blu ray dvd out there now.! I do not know why the techs at aka dvd fab platinum do not take a copy of that program with new decryption software on ANY DVD HD, and break it apart on their computors and add it to dvd fab platinum.!???