How does Windows Change Itself?



I see this from time to time. As far as I can tell, I have installed nothing that should alter the way Windows XP Pro, SP-2 works but on some reboot something changes. The most recent example is when Opening the “My Computer” Icon, I used to have a space and a line entry separating the “Removable Media” from the Hard Drives. Yesterday for some reason my machine started displaying all the devices without a divider.

I have lots of anti-virus, anti-scripting programs and nothing gets updated automatically. The ONLY thing I did at all was update my AVG anti-virus program. That should have no effect on the My Computer device display?

I’ve seen this on lots of other mnor issues like one day “Tray Commander” stopped working. I deleted and reinstalled with no joy.

Little irritants. Any explanation?


Bobbo again–I just got a Compaq donated to me so I fired it up. Same WinXP SP-2 as mine but was using IE to browse so I installed Firefox 3.0. Then I went to one of my blogs and the blog was presented in a slightly different “format” where there were “bubble captions” around the individual blog entries whereas on my machine the blogs are present more in a block style without the bubbles. Firefox 3.0 was installed the same way on both machines–standard default settings. Now, why would they display the websites differently?

So many questions, so little time.


well what all I can tell is your windows has been either effected by virus if not there arefewfiles were missing.


mmelen–I hear you but doubt someone would write a virus to remove the separator line in the drive listings when opening “My Computer.” In three days now, I haven’t noticed any other changes to my system.

I ran system file checker and it does not report any missing files. What files do you think might be missing?